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Disney – United States Treasury War Finance Committee bond certificate

This is a gorgeous presentation document that accompanied U.S. Government savings bonds during World War II. It features numerous Walt Disney characters on the border and has a printed Walt Disney signature at lower left.

Unissued, excellent condition (unusually good), extremely decorative.


Playboy Enterprises, Inc stock

A very popular certificate, this engraved Playboy stock of the early 1980s features the semi-clad Willy Rey, a Playboy logo, and the printed signature of Hugh Hefner. The stock proved too popular for the company's good: so many people purchased one share and took delivery of the certificate that Playboy was spending a fortune sending out annual reports and dividend checks. They issued a more modest new certificate and did a reverse split to call all stocks back in (for two old Playboy shares you were given one new Playboy share; otherwise you got cashed out) . If you didn't send the stock, you lost your shares. The old piece of paper is still worth a lot more than the current live stock.

This particular certificate is made out to the Norrico company president, but we have identical ones available. Condition is very good.

Price = SOLD


Captain Kidd (William S. Pierson) 1846 Pirate TREASURE SCAM stock

This is an amazing example of a stock for the recovery of Captain Kidd’s treasure! We’ve never seen anything like it.

It reads, "William S. Pierson & Co., have obtained from Abraham G. Thompson, Esq., the entire right and privilege of operating, for One Year from the First of May Last, on the wreck of a vessel supposed to be sunk at the foot of Dunderbergh Mountain, in the Hudson River, and believe said vessel to contain the Treasures of the celebrated Pirate, Captain Kidd-Have also obtained the privilege of digging on the Land of said Thompson, for buried Treasures, and are entitled to Two-Thirds of the property, of every kind, obtained in said operations. They propose to divide said interests into One Thousand Shares…"

This was a SCAM. The issuers salted the Hudson River, north of New York City at the foot of (the real) Dunderbergh Mountain, with gold. They excitedly brought the booty up within view of onlookers. They sold the stock and absconded with the proceeds. It resulted in a huge trial a few years later as widely reported in the city papers. An enthralled researcher has only recently outlined the complete story.

Unissued, 1846, excellent condition, light blue paper. NO issued examples of this stock are known.

Price = $100


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